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10 YEARS OF COCAINE A follow-up study of 64 cocaine users

Voor al je vragen over coke en basecoke, ook wel crack genoemd.

10 YEARS OF COCAINE A follow-up study of 64 cocaine users

Berichtdoor FranX » di jun 11, 2013 10:14 am

Interessant wetenschappelijk onderzoek door Peter Cohen en Arjan Sas (UvA).
Klik hieronder voor het Engelstalige onderzoek in PDF formaat.


"One of the main conclusions of our 1987 cocaine study was that a very large
majority of the investigated users gave no evidence of ever losing control.
However, many negative side effects of cocaine use were mentioned. The higher
the level of use had been during a respondent’s highest use period, the more
negative effects experienced. This may have been why only 2% of the respon-
dents consumed cocaine at a high use level (2.5 g a week or more) when
interviewed, although about 20% had previously used at a high level during
their highest use period (which was not necessarily the same time period). The
most frequent pattern of use over time was called “up-top-down”. Average
cocaine consumption career was 6 years."
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