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Interview with a Ketamine Chemist

Hier vind je alles over dissociatieven zoals ketamine, lachgas en PCP.

Interview with a Ketamine Chemist

Berichtdoor Claviceps » vr apr 29, 2011 1:06 am

Ik kwam dit interview vandaag tegen, misschien dat andere mensen het ook wel interessant vinden om te lezen :) Het is een erg lang interview (3 pagina's op de website) dus ik zal alleen even de introductie hier quoten. Het gaat ook een beetje over de research chemical markt.

There are medicinal chemists who work on an unseen side of the pharmaceutical industry. Like their legally sanctioned counterparts, they work to synthesize drugs they hope will produce therapeutic effects in their users. But they do not work with billion-dollar budgets or advertising agencies; doctors are not bribed to distribute their products with ergonomic pens or fine terrycloth beach towels. Their advertising comes solely from word of mouth and semicautionary articles like the one you are about to read.

The creation of these chemicals is an extraordinary feat of interdisciplinarity; often the pharmacologist, the chemist, the posologist, the toxicologist, and the experimental animal are all the same human being. This is the way drugs have been developed since the beginning of medical history—it is only in recent years that the practice of self-experimentation has become stigmatized, and accordingly these experimenters, like M., must remain shrouded in mystery.

M. is one of the most respected chemists in his underground field. Singlehandedly, he has popularized and discovered numerous novel drugs for gray-market distribution. His most recent investigation of ketamine and its chemical variations produced a new dissociative anesthetic named methoxetamine, which has recently made its way into the nostrils and anuses of lay experimenters worldwide. Methoxetamine is an exemplary product of rational drug discovery; each of its atoms is the result of arduous study and consideration, all created independently on a minuscule budget. But the success of drugs like methoxetamine does not entail great profits for their inventors. Indeed, it is they who wring their hands most over the unknown fate of the chemicals they conceive. Herein we shall explore the great bioethical quandary faced by the underground medicinal chemist.

Volledig interview: http://www.viceland.com/int/v18n2/htdoc ... st-704.php
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Re: Interview with a Ketamine Chemist

Berichtdoor Sublimo » vr apr 29, 2011 1:22 am

Die heb ik al eens gelezen, goed artikel. :grin:
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Re: Interview with a Ketamine Chemist

Berichtdoor Bing Crosby » vr apr 29, 2011 1:33 am

which has recently made its way into the anuses of lay experimenters worldwide.

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