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Discussietopics over RCs

Dé plek voor discussie over alle nieuwe stoffen. Met een speciaal subforum voor de 2C-reeks.

Re: Discussietopics over RCs

Berichtdoor Paradise » wo dec 21, 2016 10:35 am

Kan wel een update gebruiken?
Er is al veel semi off and on the list

Het is misschien al voorgesteld maar Empathogens voor de meer "rolly" stims, ze hoeven niet persee extreem stimmy te zijn.

Ze gooien niet meer met bepaalde stoffen zoals vroeger. Since china ban, It's stash, crap or illigal
( HEROÏNE is een gigantische opmars bezig sinds 4FA illegaal gaat, kutgevoel weg,
hersenbloeding wordt habbit, en een habbit,
dat is zoals 4x je smartphone checken per minuut, heroïne geeft je meer space,
2 tot 4 maal per dag short snort,
geen knagend gevoel op instagram, I don't feel alone anymore all alone on my phone,
and I don't get the brainbleeds like on the bathsalts, brains erupted bleed, my friend had a headache than blood just hoozed out of his eyes. First he tought insane visuals than dropped that. You can't just trust these legal stuff ... one time, even a small dose ... is ok ... but 6 times your brain can't take this non alcohol and bleeds.

This new concept with pop up car concept "Retro Hook" bloke's that sell drugs with names that connect,
like Heroin for the brave, opana for the quit intellectual, dilauded for the silent one inventing dreams on clouds,
vicodin has all the vitamine. Cane Escobar the club "It's I talk, you listen" ... and good old speed, the new ICE, you move aerial,
dodge lazerayz, a club commando,
get the girl, bring her home and sextroy the parentz kitchens,
parents walkin at 10am, djees wtf dad, I(m fucking intimate with a lady girl and exposed, sjees,
You got me I'm having a serious relationship.
I like here and stuff, I have needs she has needs.
I have needs he's ICE!
I'm Heather btw, I'm his heroin, but Oh man, go gardening or whatever, were having a moment ...
hours of moment, give a teenager some after rave space.
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