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Voor al je psychedelische avonturen.


Berichtdoor Growall » ma nov 24, 2014 6:08 pm

Net een bericht naar een instituut gestuurd rondom t gebruik van Kambo vandaar dat het in het engels is.

Normaal gesproken wordt Kambo als een healing ceremonie ervaren of gebracht. Zo wordt dan over het algemeen de intentie gezet op heling. Ik was daarentegen weer eens eigenwijs en zette mijn intentie op het leren van de kambo kikker.

Bij deze mijn ervaring (in het engels)

I put 4 holes around my spine. I had a very clear mental state of being as normal for me during kambo. The feeling it gave was quite the same as other experiences while putting my intention on healing.
Only difference was that there was no feeling of puking. At some point I felt like loosing consciousness. Fighting this feeling I entered a dream state. Found myself in the jungle laying on the ground. (I was in the room of my friend giving me the kambo treatment in Holland) Kambo was sitting infront of me. He told me. You wanted to learn right? He turned around and hopped into the jungle. And showed me some plants. He told me the I could brew a medicine from them. I didn't find the plants back yet.

When the dreamstate was over. I noticed myself sitting in the chair again. People around me where looking at me puzzled and I wondered why. They state that my body got totally stretched out in the chair with the arms along my side. Like a plank And I remained like that for a few minutes untill waking up.

In this event there was no puking. And because of this event I do have a whole other way of looking what Kambo actually does for people.
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Re: kambo

Berichtdoor gachiBASS » ma nov 24, 2014 7:09 pm

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